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Are You Retirement Ready?

5 Secrets to Help Create More Wealth

The book that will reveal the secrets to making the right choices with your money and ultimately your next chapter in retirement. Learn the facts about Pension vs Lump sum, actively managing your 401K and retirement healthcare. You only get one chance to retire. Make sure you’re prepared before you take the next step.

"Retire Financially Free" attempts to break down potential mistakes that could cost workers the pension benefits they deserve. Also, readers are encouraged to write down their own observations through interactive questions posed at the end of several chapters. Once you read Mike’s pointers, you will have a better answer for the question, "Are You Retirement Ready?"


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Mike Martinez was not yet old enough to completely understand his first lesson in retirement planning when his mother lost her job at a meat packing plant and, with it, a company pension she would have qualified for had she worked just two more years.

In time, Mike learned how the hardship created by the plant’s layoffs affected the family’s finances. The situation eventually convinced Mike to launch a career in retirement planning and help people attempt to realize their dreams and ambitions.

In his first two decades advising workers from the public and private sectors, Mike Martinez became increasingly aware of potential errors in pensions. He dedicated his efforts, and that of The Pension Group, to becoming a “pension visionary,’’ detecting problems that could cost retirees thousands of dollars in benefits.

His book, ‘Retire Financially Free: Are You Retirement Ready?’ seeks to inspire workers to learn responsible methods for protecting their pensions and building wealth through other means. While Mike specifically addresses pensions, he also provides invaluable advice for workers with pensions through other companies. He also stresses the value of 401(k) programs.


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